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Medical Skin Care

Skin care for acne is based on ingredients that help prevent and control the 4 major factors in acne; over production of skin cells trapped in pores, increased oil production by sebaceous glands, excess p.acne bacteria and skin irritation.

Ingredients such as lactic, glycolic, salicylic, niacinamide, mandelic, wasabi and tea tree oil have mechanisms to assist and address these factors. You may be recommended one or more of the following products;

ABI Corrective Wash
ABI Treatment Gel
ABI Corrective Moisturiser
D-Congest blemish management formula
Priority-B serum (Vitamin B3)
A+Regulating Serum (Vitamin A)
Exfol-X (22% AHA/5%BHA Serum)
Uberzinc essential daily moisturiser (20% pure zinc oxide)
Mineral Makeup (Zinc technology)

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