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What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a gentle form of skin resurfacing, like polishing the skin.

It achieves healthy, beautiful skin by gently removing the outer dead skin layer that gives the skin that dull look. This greatly improves the skin turnover rate, allowing new, fresh skin cells to appear thus improving the skin tone and texture.

Microdermabrasion also provides a firm suction to the skin’s surface that not only clears the pores (especially important for acne sufferers) but also improves the blood supply to the dermis thereby enhancing cellular nutrition.

In independent clinical trials, microdermabrasion was shown to dramatically improve the texture and appearance of facial skin and enhance the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis thereby reducing fine lines and wrinkles and improving the skin’s elasticity and resilience.

What will microdermabrasion treat?

Microdermabrasion will treat a wide variety of skin conditions including;

How often should I have a microdermabrasion?

A series of treatments performed fortnightly to monthly maybe initially recommended and then maintenance sessions every month to second month as required. They are also perfect as a stand alone treatment to provide a glow and to assist product absorption into the skin. We will apply mineral makeup post treatment so you can go straight back to your regular activities.

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