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Synergie Practitioner

Available only to dermatologists and medical clinics, Synergie Practitioner was founded and developed by Terri Vinson BSc. ASCC, mother of two and Australian scientist.

Terri is passionate about developing pure products that produce flawless results and actually benefit the skin. Terri is a biochemist and immunology major and a member of the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. After formulating her pharmaceutical grade skin care, Terri wanted to extend the benefits of the skincare to natural makeup. She was disillusioned with the choices available to Australian women and set out on a mission to develop a quality, toxin-free range, offering the highest level of sun protection without compromising on the result – a flawless face.

Terri’s makeup and skincare ranges are comprehensive, but never static. She is all about creating change in the skin and uses the SEED principle. Ingredients must be Stable and not oxidize and break down, the ingredients must have considerable research data to support their Effectiveness, the products must be Elegant and feel lovely and most importantly, they must Deliver and reach the target cells to create the desired, biological effects.

Terri is also very wary of the questionable ingredients used by many manufacturers.

“I always imagine that I am formulating for my family. Synergie is about the safe delivery of active ingredients. My formulas utilize the optimal amounts of effective ingredients to facilitate change without irritation. I see no purpose in having an ingredient on a label if it is too diluted to make a real difference.”

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