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About us

What can I do for you?

Quite simply, I partner with you in your journey to achieving healthy, clear skin.

As a boutique skin care clinic, I deliver an experienced and personalised service, you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Your own nurse will take you on a journey to achieving and maintaining healthy skin, from your consultation through to your treatments. Having your own nurse ensures consistency in treatments, results and personalised support.

The clinic supports treatments and products designed to restore optimum levels of collagen, elastin and healthy new cells so our skin can function at its optimum condition. Medical studies widely support the theory that skin concerns and ageing are significantly caused by inflammation.

The no downtime treatments and active skin products work to enhance the health of the skin and counteract the general stresses of living in the 21st century and our harsh Australian climate. It’s all about getting the balance right and putting back in what our daily living takes out.

I strongly believe in incremental improvements in your skin over a lifetime. By using medical grade skincare and experiencing tailored treatments, we can achieve wonderful results and although we all like to think a quick fix is possible, I believe in skin health for life.

Our medical approach

Making an appointment for assistance with skin care concerns can be an anxious and emotional experience. It is very important that each individual is treated with honesty and sensitivity.

Julie is a Registered Nurse and Skin Care Specialist. She will take you through your initial consultation listening to your skin care concerns and discussing relevant medical and lifestyle factors to ensure treatments are performed safely and effectively. With 30 years of experience in the health and skin care industry, Julie will monitor your journey from your initial consultation, establishment of a treatment plan and partner with you to improve and maintain healthy skin.

Treatments at Your Skin are medically focused and our technologies are proven market leaders. Our focus is always on combining quality technologies with experienced hands; this is so essential to you achieving safe and effective results.

Julie has independent certification in Laser and IPL conducted by AACDS. This course is recognised by: WA radiological Council and QLD Radiation Health. She has several years of experience with multiple technologies in a rapidly changing skin care industry. Julie is continually focused on professional development and is a member of several industry bodies.

About Julie

Hi, I’m Julie and I really love what I do! I meet people like you and we travel on a journey together to achieve healthy, clear skin.

Caring for your skin also means I get to take care of you and make a difference, no matter how big or small and that’s something that’s really important to me.

My career as a Registered Nurse began 30 years ago, and after more than ten years of experience in emergency departments, achieving qualifications in Critical Care and as a Registered Midwife with a Graduate Diploma in Nursing, I needed a new challenge and began working as a Skin Care Specialist. My interest began with my own skin concerns and my passion grew as I assisted clients to care for their skin. Having two siblings with chronic skin conditions, I am aware of the frustration and the impact on the quality of life difficult skin conditions can have.

As I have gathered years of experience in this industry, I am also very aware of the need to combine medical technologies with experienced hands. I have performed many treatments more than a thousand times and believe me; it makes all the difference in achieving results.

My goal is for each and every client to love the skin they’re in!

“I do this is to improve the lives of my clients and I take that responsibility very personally. I invite you to see the difference and feel the difference at Your Skin”?

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