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Transdermal LED Light Therapy

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Transdermal Delivery of Functional Cosmetic Active Ingredients

What is this?

The term transdermal means delivery through the skin. One of the primary roles of the skin is to act as a protective barrier.

Your Skin is very proud to be the first clinic in Australia to offer this new patented skincare treatment that can deliver an entire range of peptides and functional skincare ingredients through an intradermal process without degrading the compounds.

LED Light Therapy can now be taken to a whole new level.

With extensive research over the last 6 years, the University of Texas in collaboration with PhotoKinetix Inc. has been studying an active transdermal method using pulsed visible light energy with various functional skincare ingredients. They have been able to prove that when certain molecules are stimulated with very specific pulses of narrow wavelength light, these compounds can be driven through the stratum corneum and into the epidermis and dermis without chemically altering the molecules.

The system pushes topical skin ingredients into the various skin layers creating significantly higher intradermal penetration compared to passive permeation. Many active ingredients used for cosmetic skin remodeling do not penetrate human skin. This transdermal light application has been shown to significantly increase peptide permeation and other important skin supplement ingredients from 25 to 55 times over passive treatment. These skin remodeling compounds can then affect functional change in the skin.

What is transdermal Light Therapy used for?

How many sessions are required?

The skin usually appears softer and hydrated after just one treatment so the perfect choice for a rejuvenation treatment to glow prior to a special occasion or to refresh the skin at the cellular level.

Optimal results are seen with a course of 8-12 sessions. Every 4-6 weeks, the skin generates new skin cells in its constant cycle of breakdown and renewal. With the introduction of these critical ingredients the most dramatic results are generally seen between 30 and 45 days.

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