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Medical Skin Peels

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About skin peels

Chemical peels are a popular and valid form of skin therapy.

Light superficial peels involve the use of alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids. They can be multi-layered depending on skin type and condition and each ingredient varies in strength from 20% to 60%. Peels are always best under the guidance of experienced hands as not every skin type is suited and they are definitely not a “one size fits all treatment”

How do skin peels work?

A skin peel is designed to create an even, controlled shedding of the outer layers of damaged and dead skin cells. Your Skin uses peels that are mild and yet very effective. The fresher skin that appears is more consistent in colour and smoother in texture. The chemical peels assist in the production of new, healthier cells.

They can provide very effective results in the treatment of acne, sun damage, pigmentation, ageing, tired and dull skin. No downtime and a “lunch time” procedure our medical peels will get your skin clearer and luminous.

How often should I have a skin peel?

Although one peel can assist the appearance of the skin, peels are usually prescribed as a course of four to six treatments. The individualised treatments are applied in varying strengths to cater for your particular skin type and skin care concern.

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