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In 2010, at age 23, I suffered from a very aggressive acne breakout, leaving me with unsightly red scarring all over my cheeks and jaw line.

No amount of make-up seemed to cover it up and it left me feeling very self- conscious. I was given Julie’s number by my beautician and started IPL laser treatment at the end of 2010. After receiving five treatments, I am ecstatic with the results. My scarring has faded so much that you can barely see it, even without make up, and my tone is much more even. I would strongly recommend anyone suffering from acne and acne scarring to make a booking for an assessment with Your Skin.

Jessica, Bruce ACT
8 August 2014

I was feeling desperate having tried everything in cosmetic products and experimenting in natural remedies to clear my acne which seemed to spiralling out of control. Acne is a real self-esteem killer and I had no idea what to do about it.

By chance I found The Skin Clinic on the internet and phoned Julie for help. She was wonderful in every way. Not only did she supply products (for skin care and cosmetics that were for sensitive skins) that worked for my skin, she was wonderfully reassuring and kind.

The different treatments which included exfoliation, and then laser, had amazing results. After several treatments the change in my complexion was remarkable. I still get the rare pimple but my skin’s overall texture and colour is beautiful and healthy.

I can sincerely recommend Julie and The Skin Clinic to anyone suffering from skin problems for advice, products and treatment. Acne which has to be one of the most horrible things that can afflict us – but it can be beaten!

Michelle Evan
8 August 2014

Hi Julie, I noticed a massive improvement in my skin after having VPL treatment.

My pigmentation and freckles have faded dramatically. A great thing about this treatment also is that there is little or no down time. The service was fantastic and very professional. Thank you!

Sarah H, Holt ACT
11 August 2014

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